Stubben Junior Juventus Dressage Saddle

Arguably one of the nicest junior/petite adult Dressage saddles on the market! This full grain cow hide leather saddle is a technical, quality saddle made for the young dressage rider or an adult rider of petite build (usually up to 170cm). Not only is the saddle stunning with diamante detailing and patent features, it is based on the Stubben spring tree so offers ultimate comfort and fit for both horse and rider. The saddle is designed to allow maximum freedom for the movement of a pony/small hack whilst giving security and balance to the rider. If you have a junior rider who is serious about Dressage or are an petite adult looking for a saddle that still offers superior fit and comfort but allows for a shorter leg. The Juventus Dressage saddle is only available in a 17" seat.

Ebony is only available on special order in this saddle.
  • Embossed cowhide
  • Panel in matching tone
  • front edging in patent leather
  • bright rhinestones on the stirrup leather keeper
  • bright rhinestones in the cantle

FAQ's on Fitting, Buying and Care for Stubben Saddles:

What if the saddle is showing as out of stock on the website? Does this mean there is a long wait or that I have to special order a saddle in for me?

Please contact Spurs direct to discuss your saddle options as we have saddles on order all the time with Stubben so although your saddle of preference might not be in stock right now, it is likely to be in our next shipment. So although you may have a wait time for your particular saddle to arrive- it could be as short as 1 to 2 weeks away.

I have an idea on the type of Stubben saddle I like but I am not sure if it will fit my horse. Do you have a saddle fitting service?

Stubben saddles are a specialised fit and we have a Stubben trained saddle fitter available to fit your new Stubben saddle. Please make contact with us so we can arrange this for you. If you are purchasing a new saddle, the fitting service is generally free and included in your saddle price. We can also handle all your repacks and adjustments with new or old Stubben saddles

I have heard that you cannot change the gullet on a Stubben saddle, is this correct?

No this is not correct- you are able to have the Stubben gullet changed but this can only be done using a special machine so it will need to be arrange through our Stubben saddle fitter.

What is the best care for my Stubben saddle?

It is really important that you take good care of your Stubben saddle to assist with longevity and maintaince of the saddle. We stongly recommend using only Stubben leather care products on your saddle as they have been formulated to provide the leather with the best care to keep it clean, supple and conditioned. You can purchase Stubben liquid saddle soap, Glycerine soap tubs and Hamanol conditioning balm from our stores.

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